With my greatest thanks for the kindness and care with which you and your colleagues addressed the transport of my husband.
Maria Fernanda Castro
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Guarantee of Health and Quality of Life to its range. We bring to you the help you need with comfort and tranquility and still provide you a set of services and advantages that ensure your welfare.
Services and Benefits:
OneCare Mais Perto / OneCare Mais Saúde
  • Emergency medical care at home, 24 hours / 365 days, upon payment of a € 10 fee      
  • Emergency visits in the network, 24 hours / 365 days upon payment of € 5. Service by appointment
  • Free medical advice by telephone (telemedicine), 24 hours / 365 days
  • Nurse to domicile at reduced prices (values ​​on request).
  • Free transportation by ambulance to the hospital where the doctor determined by consultation.
  • 20% discount on the list price of private transportation by ambulance Amo Vida
  • Up to 60% discounts on specialty appointment, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic procedures, hospitalization, operating room and delivery suites
  • Collection and transport of samples for analysis (values ​​on request)
  • Delivery of drugs at home, after medical consultation, upon payment of a fee of € 5
  • Take advantage of all these services. Nationwide coverage. Unlimited uses, grace period or age
  • All benefits are extended to members of the household, up to 5 elements, including the holder. For households with more than 5 elements, values ​​on request

        Note: This card isn't neither overrides health insurance.



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