Dear Sir, Gladly praise the commitment, professionalism and human behavior dedicated to my mother... during the transportation. Your professionals deserve all the respect. Greetings,
Joaquim André
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Provide appropriate care to the user, by fostering an environment of integrity, compassion and professionalism, recognizing and addressing the specific needs of each individual and the improvement of his quality of life, therefore obtaining the trust and commitment of our customers, employees and partners.


We want to position ourselves as a company of reference in the sector of activity where we operate. We also want to develop and implement successful solutions to provide quality health care services, promoting well-being and a better quality of life to all its users.

In the same way that a person or family has their set of values such as honesty, ethics, respect for the elders and to the next, etc., also Amo Vida rules itself by values similar to those of a human being.
They are:
Truth - crucial element for building relationships that work. Open communication with honesty and integrity is essential.
Professionalism - Acting with a high ethical and professional standards in all sectors of the company, motivated by the excellence of the service.

Adaptability -
we tailor our services and products to our customer's needs.

Simplicity -
optimize our performance to ensure agility and efficiency.

Perseverance -
to improve our performance continuously.

Integrity - we advise our clients from an independent perspective and principles of integrity.

Freedom - we promote the freedom of dialogue, thought and action, enabling the involvement and accountability of our staff, believing that this environment attracts and develops strong professionals so that we can provide clients with innovative and creative solutions.

Respect - we respect the individual wishes. Tasks are assigned according to the talent demonstrated, giving employees the autonomy to organize their own work. We respect equally other viewpoints, opinions and cultures, being mindful of our role in society.
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