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In order to ensure the well-being of participants, Amo Vida offers a specialized service with specific organization, the Medical Protection to various types of events such as music festivals, corporate, thematic, conferences and tradeshows, promotions, public and private tenders, religious, sports and social , among others.

The coverage options vary according to the size, type and characteristic of the event such as: Event type , organization and promotion, location , characterization of the enclosure, and program schedule, number of visitors expected, characteristics of visitors, forecasts and probability of occurrences.

Key activities:


Medical protection

Risk Analysis

Coordination plans and intervention


Our human resources: Health professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians), proven their professionalism, all holders of unique qualification and many years of experience in the field of the Medical Emergency, mostly from the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), Fire Departments and Intensive Care Units.

Our material resources: Service provided by Advanced Medical Offices or Ambulances and / or by mobile teams equipped with Basic and Advanced Life Support material.


Save lives - emergency care specialized in events significantly reduces deaths and sequelae.

Tranquility - medical protection in events reduces the work of prosecutors in solving health problems that should be the responsibility of specialized teams.

Image and Credibility - the audience perceives the professionalism of the organization in concern for the safety and welfare of participants.

Legal aspect - compliance with the legislation.

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