...We hereby thank the collaboration of Amo Vida in our solidary walk. The technicians were fantastic, very helpful.
Sandra Neves | Social Worker - Social Intervention Municipality of Amadora
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In Amo Vida Training we do not just expose knowledge in every action. We believe that we are all driven by curiosity to learn and the possibility of growth and development.

This is why, through a constant process of continuous improvement and certain that each student and client has specific characteristics and needs, training promoted by Amo Vida Training always aim, to enable all learners a transverse optical of the promoted course, valuing the and their individual skills and abilities.

Because we know that first aid requires both knowledge, wisdom, dexterity and speed, because only in this way directly contributes to reducing morbidity and mortality, most of the contents of our courses consist of pratical sessions, in order that all trainees train the actions needed for an effective and safe response because we believe that only in this way makes sense to equip the graduates of this knowledge.

All training conducted by Amo Vida meet the latest guidelines and national and international recommendations.

You have a company or an organization?

It is indisputable that in contemporary society training is one of the most important ways to the development of human capital of the entities.

In addition to strengthening its competitiveness by constantly upgrading the skills of its employees in some areas of training, including first aid, human training lasts well beyond the workplace through changing attitudes and behaviors that allow bail and save victims. If you need a training to your needs do not hesitate to contact us via the online form.

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